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    Why Cora

    Elevating the lives of residents and managers

    CORA is more than just a  property management platform for residents to book facilities, register visitors,  book services and make payments with ease. And it’s not just for residential use, CORA is also designed for commercial and industrial communities too! Whether you’re generating reports, organizing events, tracking deliveries or collecting resident insights, CORA provides the tools you need to help you succeed and grow your revenue – from a single, powerful dashboard.
    Our Software

    Wherever your property is,
    CORA can be onboarded remotely

    Efficient Occupant Management

    Whether it’s a commercial building or a condo, property managers love us because we make their jobs way easier. Say goodbye to stacks of documents, invoices, and application forms. CORA provides managers with all they need to know at a glance.

    Strengthened Security

    Maintain detailed records of all occupants, units, vehicles and access cards. Our mobile app allows instant visitor registration by a QR code generator or One-Time Passcode for quicker security checks. All visits are pre-registered, time-stamped on arrival and departure.

    Financial Management

    Tenants and occupants can make payments 24/7 whilst providing management with a clear breakdown of payments into subcategories, including any outstanding fees and deposits. All data can be downloaded into a CSV file for use in Excel.

    Instant Feedback

    Address building and community issues promptly by categorising occupant feedback, sending out notifications to relevant staff, monitoring progress and replying to feedback once it’s done, all on one user-friendly platform.

    Happy Community

    Happy residents = happy managers. Keep everyone updated by creating e-notices, and blasting community-wide announcements and news. Plus, did we mention that CORA can host events for you too?

    What makes us special? We care about people

    A 360-degree solution for property owners, managers, site staff and occupants. CORA provides everything you need so you can focus on what matters most.




    About us

    The CORA team is made up of an aerospace engineer, property manager, finance architecture engineer, visionary designers, passionate software developers, and real estate professionals. More importantly, we are property owners, residents, and tenants too.

    CORA was built with a purpose in mind, and that is to forge happy communities. Communities where we live responsibly, because we care about our neighbours, because we cherish our living spaces. Together, we can make things better.

    Want to know what CORA can do for you?